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The user may use the “Mail Hero” skill only with the consent of the terms of use given here. By using the “Mail Hero” skill the user agrees to these terms of use.

The emails retrieved by the user via the skill are exclusively from the user’s own mail account, which was linked to the skill in the Alexa App. ActiveMoves UG assumes no liability with regard to the correctness of the reproduction of an email, even if the computer-generated version should always do this correctly. All actions of the user done with the skill are solely the responsiblity of the user and ActiveMoves UG assumes no liability for any damages in any form which could result from the use of the skill. In case of doubt, the user should always consult the original text version of the mail, in order not to be influenced by any wrong audio reproduction of a mail generated by Skill. The reproduction of any parts of an e-mail such as sender, subject and mail text should not be considered complete, correct and up-to-date, and should not serve as a basis for any kind of action. The developer (ActiveMoves UG) is not responsible for the content and can not be held liable for it. The developer provides only the technical environment for playback.

The user is responsible that no unauthorized access to his mails by the skill takes place. ActiveMoves UG assumes no liability whatsoever for damages of any kind which could result from unauthorized, non-compliant or improper handling of any kind with the skill.

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